Incredible Footage Of The Wild Shootout Between Police And Christopher Dorner [VIDEO]

Ex-cop and former Navy reservist Chris Dorner has been making headlines for the past week for murders and shootouts, seeking vengeance on those who he felt betrayed him.

After a rigorous search by the police force in Big Bear Lake, California, Dorner was discovered hiding in a vacation cabin right across the street from their command post in the mountains. A man believed to be Dorner was discovered by police and vacated his hiding spot. He stole two vehicles, barricaded himself in an empty cabin and engaged in a final shootout with the police force sent to apprehend him.

The shootout concluded with the suspect believed to be Dorner killing a Sheriff’s deputy, wounding another and the building he was hiding in being set ablaze. The fire went on for hours and a charred body was discovered inside.

San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cynthia Bachman stated that "We have reason to believe that it is him.”

Here is video from the dramatic shootout (via ABC News:)

This is nothing short of an action movie turned reality! How crazy is this footage?

Christopher Dorner was not going down without a fight. He’s a former LAPD officer and a Navy reservist, that war-like mentality is embedded in his brain. Everything he's doing probably seems like being in combat and surviving in a war for him.

This story is just unbelievable.