9 Year Old Who Gave Birth In Mexico Is Actually 12 Or 13, And Baby Daddy Is Her Stepfather!

Remember that 9 year old Mexican girl, Dafne, who gave birth? It was bad enough she was impregnated so young by her 17 year old boyfriend but the story is even worse.

It turns out that the girl is actually 12 or 13 years old and DNA testing has revealed that the father of her baby is her step-father!

According to some neighbor’s accounts, Dafne’s mother is a prostitute and lied about her daughter’s age because she is trying to turn her daughter into a sex worker and “young girls command a higher pay rate than teenagers.”

It would seem that the child’s mother made up the story about Dafne’s boyfriend. She claimed that he was someone from the neighborhood but no one from their community has ever heard of him. Dafne’s mother couldn’t even provide authorities with the boy’s name.

SMDH. Absolutely disgusting!