President Obama Hints That Malia Obama Has Started Dating?

There's a time when your daughter grows up and starts getting into boys and all you can do is a parent is deal with it.

President Obama has spoken about his daughters Malia and Sasha growing up and him having to deal with what it comes with but did he drop hint about Malia starting to date?

While the President gave a presentation at a school in Decatur, Georgia, he talked about the struggles of parenting when your kids get older, “I do have to warn the parents who are here, who still have young kids, they grow up to be, like five feet 10 inches. And even if they’re still nice to you, they basically don't have a lot of time for you during the weekends.”

The President says that his wife oversees his daughter’s “social calendars” and makes sure they have free time for sleepovers, movies and such. It isn’t good to shelter your kids too much, they tend to rebel lol. But when you’re the President’s daughter it’s understandable.

Mr. O also gave his opinion on the idea of a young man wishing to date his daughter in an interview with Ryan Seacrest saying, “I think that any young man who has got the guts to get through Secret Service deserves a hearing!”

Hey they all have to grow up someday.