Flashing Lights: Lil Wayne Blasts The Miami Heat + The NBA For Banning Him From Games! [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne made the NBA All-Star Weekend eventful after he spazzed out during a performance while in Houston where disses the Miami Heat, the NBA and says he slept with one of the Heat player’s wives!

Watch (via TMZ:)

Lil Wayne -- F*K MIAMI HEAT ... I F*ked Chris Bosh's Wife - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

However, the Miami Herald’s is reporting that Lil Wayne has not be banned from NBA games retweeting this tweet from Joe Goodman Jr., “By the way, the NBA got back to me about @LilTunechi last night. According to the league, he has not been banned from games. "Not true."

We’ll have to see how this plays out.