NYC Taxis To Have Vending Machine Inside Their Vehicles?

It’s the new era of taxis in NYC.

TaxiTreats, a foundation/project started by Brian Shimmerlik, is behind the movement to provide more comfort for New York City’s taxi cab passengers. NYC yellow cabs are to receive ten inches of extra leg room and will have vending machines installed that sell everything from bags of peanuts to condoms.
Shimmerlik stated that “Our goal is to provide people with things they want, when they want them, right where they are.”

Even though the concept sounds ideal it has yet to receive approval from the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. Allen Fromberg, a spokesman for the TLC commented on the idea saying, “While this isn’t something that’s currently under consideration here, this is clearly an imaginative product, and we congratulate them on the progress they’ve made."

What do you guys think of the new and improved taxis if they get the okay? Are you all for it?