2013 Oscars Recap: Seth MacFarlane's Oscars Intro + "I Saw Your Boobs" Song [VIDEO]

Seth MacFarlane hosted the 85th Annual Academy Awards and his monologue was filled with plenty of surprises!

Besides his borderline racist jokes, he had guest appearances from William Shatner who beamed in via a projector from outer space to comment on Seth’s hosting duties. Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum did a dance number on stage while Seth sang and he also premiered a new song called “I Saw Your Boobs” where he named all the actresses who’ve shown their “girls” in movies. But to top it all off, he made out with Sally Fields lol.

Watch (via Dailymotion:)

Oscars 2013 - Opening Number With Seth... by IdolxMuzic

LOL SMH. What else did they expect from Seth MacFarlane?