Hot Topic: The Worst Ways You've Been Cheated On (Rosenberg's Friend) [AUDIO]

This is as sad as it gets lol.

Rosenberg’s friend’s little brother went to a club with his new girlfriend of only 3 weeks, only to be left there to rot because she ended up leaving with D-List celebrity Jesse McCartney! That’s so messed up LOL. Funny but really messed up!

For those that don’t know Jesse McCartney is an actor/pop singer. He was on the show Summerland, did a bunch of movies and was co-signed by Akon.

So not only did she cheat on him but she cheated on him with a D-List celeb! Can it get any worse than that? Our listeners tell us the worst ways they’ve been cheated on and guess what, it does get worse than your girl leaving you in the club for Jesse McCartney LOL.