E.S.P.JEN: This Is What Would Happen If Lebron James Joined The Dunk Contest [VIDEO]

Let’s just be honest, we’ve all been hoping and wishing that one day, King James would consider joining the Dunk Contest which desperately needs to be revived.

The Dunk Contest has not been the same ever since Vince Carter’s 2000 elbow dunk. I know, some of you might argue that Dwight Howard’s Superman cape wearing dunk was up there but I thought it was boring lol.

Anyway, check out these pre-game warm up dunks Lebron has done lately doing and with so much ease. What some players need two or three tries to do, he does off the first shot.

The sickest one in the video is where he does a spin at the three-point line, puts the ball in between his legs, and then dunks it off the glass. Lebron is not human.


People have been complaining about LBJ’s pre-game dunks so he’s thinking about not doing them anymore. Great going guys.

Could you imagine if he did join? Kobe did it, MJ did, he needs to and should. Him joining wouldn’t be a stretch, he did tweet recently “Dunk contest?”. Sounds like it may be on his radar for next year, if and probably when he wins another ring this year.