T.I Graces The Cover Of The Source Magazine [PHOTO]

The “King of The South” T.I takes over the cover of The Source Magazine and gives an exclusive interview about his career, family, and life.

T.I, who’s on the Feb/March issue of the magazine, spoke candidly about the trouble he’s come across in his life saying, “Everybody’s gonna have their ups and downs. Just because I’m a celebrity, that doesn’t mean that I’m exempt from humanlike faults.” He also spoke about the release of his eighth studio album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head and a new acting role he snatched up in the upcoming comedy Identity Thief which hits theaters on Feb. 8.

When asked about his new acting gig he says, “It’s my first comedy so I’m looking forward to seeing that. I just want to keep my tools sharp…. Different people see T.I. in different ways. As long as they ain’t giving me a rapper. That’s what I don’t want to do. Anything else, I’d pretty much be open minded within reason of course.”

I didn’t know T.I was in the movie! He’s a pretty good actor otherwise he wouldn’t get be getting these roles. Say what you want about music artists trying to do the acting thing but T.I does well in both industries.