Yandy Smith's Baby Father Mandeecees Has Been Indicted For Drug Trafficking

Love & Hip Hop NY’s Yandy Smith and her babyfather Mandeecees Harris may want to put their plans of moving to NJ on hold because Mandeecees might be moving without his family right into a jail cell.

Mandeecees is currently being indicted and facing charges for trafficking heroin and cocaine. The Rochester newspaper reports that he, along with two other men, has been indicted for drug trafficking this past fall. The investigation probe found them in a $2.5 million drug trafficking "situation" in Rochester. He surrendered to the police on January 24th.

Reports only gave out a few details about the case, apparently he had a safe deposit box which contained $1.5 million and owned jewelry and watches worth $407,000, which police believe were bought using by using drug money.

Mandeecees is also currently being investigated for child molestation.

Keep your head up Yandy, I feel so bad for her...they just had a baby together and now all of this is happening?