Hot Topic: Has Lil Kim Gone Too Far This Time With Plastic Surgery? [AUDIO]

The NY Daily News released photos of Lil Kim at a recent event and all we can say is wow.

Lil Kim looks nothing like herself any more and more like a porcelain doll! It’s really sad to see the “Queen B’s” transformation because she was perfect just the way she was before she started bleaching her skin and getting all this plastic surgery done.

Sometimes when it comes to plastic surgery, people just don’t know when to stop or how to stop. It’s almost like people become addicted to it. It’s like a need to do something and whenever they look in the mirror there’s always something they want fixed.

Has Kim really gone too far this time? I’m not the only one who feels this way but most of her fans do too. Honestly, I wish women would stop getting plastic surgery and embrace what they were given. There’s only one you (unless you’re a twin), why go fix it to look like someone or something else? And if you are going to get something changed, why stray so far away from how you looked naturally? To the point where you’re almost unrecognizable?

Lil Kim could pass for my aunt for goodness sakes. It’s really like night and day from how she used to look. Makes me sad because I’m a huge fan =(