Hot Topic: First Ballots Into The "White Boy Hall Of Fame" [AUDIO]

On the heels of Justin Timberlake’s great hosting job on SNL this past weekend, we decided to nominate him as the first ballot into the White Boy Hall Of Fame.

This opens the doors for other potential inductees who should go into the WBHOF and unfortunately not everyone will be given the honors. White inductees who are nominated must have excelled in a black dominated field to even be considered!

Eminem, Abraham Lincoln, Justin Timberlake, Bill Clinton and yes Channing Tatum too has been given the first ballot, despite what Rosenberg says. I guess he hasn’t seen "Step Up" or "Magic Mike" LOL.

Larry Bird, the Beastie Boys, Hall & Oates and Elvis Presley all should be inducted into the WBHOF too!

And a fan tweeted that Colonel Sanders should be added to list LOL SMH. Who do you think should receive first ballot? Our listeners gave us their choices, listen to who they picked!