New Jersey Police Officer Under Investigation For Gangster Rapper Alter Ego

Police officer Maurice “Gat the Great” Gattison of Irvington, New Jersey is currently under investigation by his own department.

Gattison, president of Irvington’s police union, released several gangsta rap videos last year. Three other officers involved in the music videos are under investigation as well. In an interview with The Star Ledger, Gattison stated, “There’s a lot of other things that could be dealt with if you wanted to do an article. Not what I’m doing in my personal life just singing a song.”

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Gattison’s lawyer, Anthony Iacullo, is confident that no charges will be filed against his client because Gattison is only exercising his first amendment rights through his music. “He is someone who has chosen to express himself through the song in lyrics that you have heard. It is his constitutional right to in fact do so. He has exercised his first amendment rights and we anticipate that there will be no charges, criminally or departmentally.”

What is going on with people and their alter egos??? First the Spanish gangster rapping principal and now this? Everyone’s trying to be a rapper these days.