Tyler The Creator's Talking Goat Mountain Dew Commercial [VIDEO]

What do you get when you put together Tyler The Creator and Mountain Dew? A talking goat.

Soft-drink company Mountain Dew has hired OFWGKTA leader Tyler the Creator to direct a commercial for their latest TV ad.

The plot of the commercial features Errol Chatham talking to a woman during dinner at a fancy restaurant. The couple takes notice of a talking goat that’s sitting at another table. The goat, named Felicia and voiced by Tyler, is served a bottle of Mountain Dew by a waitress and ends up going crazy on her-- hitting her with it’s hooves, gulps down the Dew and demands more LOL.


This commercial had me cracking up and it’s everything you would expect from a Tyler, the Creator-directed video. His voice over for the goat was hysterical LMAO.