Brandy Does A Hilarious Interview With Lauren London [VIDEO]

Brandy decided to do a hilarious impromptu interview with her co-star, the beautiful Lauren London at BET’s screening for The Game.

The singer attempts her talk show host skills and raves about Lauren’s one piece weave and how women need to step their game up when she’s on set. Glorrrryyyyy! Haha.

Watch (via True Exclusives:)

I heart Brandy, ever since I was 8! And wouldn’t she be a great talk show host or correspondent? LOL. Loves it!

On a sidenote, there's rumors going around that BET lied about the show's premiere ratings. The network tweeted that 4 million viewers tuned in for "The Game" but according to Nielsen, the number was really 2.94 million.

But through my research, I found that they did have 4 million viewers watching the premiere episode. The numbers add up when you factor in how many people were watching the 11:30PM encore episode.

So there you have it and that's how the cookie crumbles.