E.S.P.JEN: Mike Vick's Brother Tweets Disrespectful Gay Slander Towards NFL Arizona Cardinals

NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s younger brother, Marcus, is getting scrutinized for his anti-gay tweet against the Arizona Cardinals.

There’s no doubt that this tweet was because of previous Cardinals safety, Kerry Rhodes’ leaked photos. Marcus Vick tweeted, “Those Arizona Cardinals got a brunch of Fruit Tarts on their team…. Watch out for the pile on pumps this year!!!”

This doesn’t help him due to the fact that he is wanted for missing court as well as disregarding a lawsuit settlement from 2008 but still manages to tweet freely.

Marcus has been outspoken before, tweeting about the Philadelphia Eagles’ treatment towards his brother which he apologized for.

Do Marcus and Mike know something that we don’t know? Hmmm….