E.S.P.JEN: NY Jets' Blockbuster Trade -- Darrelle Revis To The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NY Jets fans were shocked to hear about the blockbuster trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Jets’ treasured All-Pro CB Darrelle Revis.

It was sad to hear that after six seasons with the Jets, Revis would be joining the Bucs for an estimated $96 million for six years but with no guaranteed money. This new deal makes the him the highest-paid defensive back in NFL history.

In exchange for Revis, the Jets get a 1st and 3rd round pick and a conditional pick in the 2014 season. This may prove helpful for the Jets as they can trade for more picks in the NFL Draft.

Revis was the backbone of the NY Jets organization and he loved the team dearly. He had no intentions to leave the team and was upset upon hearing that he was being shopped around a few months ago. Nevertheless, he did what he had to do and the Bucs were offering him good money -- something the higher ups in the Jets organization weren’t willing to do.

Jets general manager John Idzik said the trade was mainly due to negotiations of a long term extension with the cornerback falling through. Also, factor in Revis returning from the knee injury he suffered last season and the uncertainty of Revis’ production on the field, Idzik did not want to take any chances.

During a conference all Sunday, Idzik said, "It became quite evident to us that there is a substantial difference between Darrelle's view of his value and ours. We felt there would have to be a significant change on either side in order to create a path toward reaching an agreeable deal for either side."

"It was never our intent to proactively go out and shop Darrelle. It was never our goal to have Darrelle leave the Jets. On the contrary, we wanted Darrelle to remain a Jet for the long term, ideally. But Tampa reached out and displayed a sincere and sustained interest in Darrelle."

Revis had a hard time putting into words a proper goodbye to the Jets’ organization and their dedicated fans. But, he managed to send out a message on his Twitter, “I been sitting around for the last hour trying to figure out what to say to the Jet Nation & I came up with this. The six years I played for the New York Jets were unbelievable. I put my body on the line everyday & did everything could to help the team win.”

"I experienced a lot & learned a lot. The memories I had in New York I will keep dearly to my heart. I want to thank all the jets fans for making me feel welcome."

If you’re a Jets fan, I’m sure you’re as devastated as I am and are probably thinking we didn’t get nearly as much as we should’ve in exchange for Revis from the Bucs. Some may argue that we should’ve gotten more for the best cornerback in the league but others may say that receiving draft picks in the first and third round in addition to the number of picks we already have is going to be helpful.

The Jets are currently in the restructuring phase so we can expect a lackluster 2013-2014 season again as the completely new roster tries to learn the Jets’ dynamic and build their team chemistry between the players.

It’s also safe to speculate that this might be Coach Rex Ryan’s final hurrah with the Jets at their head coach. How do we know? Coach Ryan has always been a Revis supporter and if he had a say in remodeling of the team, Revis would without a doubt still be in a Jets uniform. In the past, ex GM Mike Tannebaum always trusted Coach Ryan’s input but it looks like the new GM isn’t going down that road.

Sad, sad news.