Hot Topic: Is There Ever A Time A Teacher Should Fight A Student? (Fight Video) [AUDIO]

A video was released on the internet of a teacher and student getting into a fight in school!

The student Marlina Martinez shares her story of the fight at her school in Stockton, California which started from makeup?


Marlina was arrested for the altercation and the teacher wasn’t. It brings up a big debate whether if teachers should put their hands on a student if they’re being attacked?

There’s so many ways to look at this situation. One, the teacher was wrong for fighting the student because she’s a teacher, is probably older than the student, should never put her hands on anyone in the school and should’ve called for security. The school may have to deal with lawsuits, shame, and everything above.

The other side is, if you’re being pushed and shoved, you’re first instinct as a human being is to defend yourself.

So, is there ever a time a teacher should fight a student?

Our listeners weigh on the question and I’m not surprised by their answers LOL.