Get Ready To Laugh Even More! "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" Adds Another Famous Comedian To The Show [VIDEO]

If you thought Real Husbands Of Hollywood was already pee-in-your-pants funny, the newest addition to show will be the cherry on top!

RHOH has taken it up a notch by adding another famous comedian to the reality TV/scripted show, Chris Rock. Amid rumors of Robin Thicke leaving, or being fired depending on where you read about it, a slot needed to be filled and it only made sense to bring in the hysterical Chris Rock who’s a legend in his own right.

Watch Chris talk about his new gig (via Hip Hollywood:)

This show just got even better than it was before. Chris is going to bring a different dynamic to the group. Kevin Hart, JB Smoove and Chris Rock? I’m already laughing thinking about the first episode! LOL.