Hot Topic: Does Halle Berry Fit The "Black Woman" Stereotype? (Halle Berry Pregnant Again) [AUDIO]

Halle Berry’s rep confirmed that the she and her fiancé Olivier Martinez are pregnant with their first child.

Halle already has a daughter, Nahla, with her ex model boyfriend and with this new baby on the way, that means two children and two baby fathers for the actress.

There was a debate on the show on whether Halle fits the stereotype for “black women” – having babies with different men, having multiple baby fathers and etc.

Personally, I don’t think there is any stereotype for a certain race when it comes to having more than one baby father and besides, Halle is a different story. She’s 46 years old; it’s a lot different for her then it would be for if she were 25 years old. Her time clock is ticking and there’s nothing wrong with having a child with the love of your life at the age she is right now. She’s an adult and I’m sure, thinks things out through and through before making any rash decisions, unlike someone who’s young and naïve. She is wayyyyyyy past that people.

But, there are some people whom now sees Halle as just a woman who got knocked up by two different men and having kids with each of them. Do you think Halle fits this so-called “stereotype?”