Maino To Star In Broadway Hip-Hop Musical "Freedom"

Maino is getting his acting game up and will star in a new play!

The Brooklyn rapper will officially play the lead role in a Broadway hip-hop musical called “Freedom.” Freedom addresses the issue of the many who have been incarcerated for a crime they did not commit and later freed because of DNA testing.

In particular, this musical is based on the 1991 story of David Ranta who was arrested and convicted of murdering Rabbi Chaskel Werzberg. Ranta was released from jail 20 years later (March 21, 2013) after DNA testing proved that he was innocent of the crime.

In a press release given about the musical, this notion is a huge chunk of what Freedom will be about, "Jurors go into trials thinking that if a defendant was seen committing a crime, and they confessed to doing the crime, they are guilty. However, statistics show that in 25% of the cases where the defendant was exonerated because of DNA, they had made incriminating statements, confessed, or plead guilty. Mistaken identifications account for a third of wrongful convictions. Statistics reveal innocent people get convicted every day."

No word yet on when the play will actually hit Broadway but it sounds very interesting. Congrats to Maino.