Access Hollywood Reporter Calls Nicki Minaj “Unprofessional & Ungracious”, Nicki Reacts On Twitter

Access Hollywood correspondent Laura Saltman had a very uncomfortable interview with Nicki Minaj.

Laura and Nicki caught up on the red carpet as Laura attempted to get the scoop on the issues Nicki’s been having with her fellow cohost Mariah Carey.

Nicki wasn’t exactly happy with the question which caused her to cut off Laura mid-sentence. “That question didn’t even make sense. So if you want me to insinuate what you’re talking about I’m not going to.” Nicki then rolled her eyes and said “Okay, goodnight” and walked off.

Laura may not have been able to finish the interview but she did express her opinion when she blogged on calling Nicki “a mean girl” and “a cyber-bully who is just perpetuating the problems of social media and “ungracious”.

(via Access Hollywood Blog):

“In my 20 years in entertainment news, I have interviewed close to 5,000 celebrities — people who have bigger bragging rights than Nicki. Men and women who have Oscars, Grammys and Emmys. Yet, by far, she is the most ungracious of anyone I have met.

Each week, she comes backstage for interviews and we are told “two questions only” while her people hover over you and even, at times, have their hand on your arm as you end your interview to make you stop. Waiver from the two-question rule and Nicki herself will walk away. She makes zero eye contact and has no connection to whomever is interviewing her. If she likes your question, she may give you a proper answer. If she doesn’t, she may give you a dirty look and walk off. After she posted mean comments about Mariah on Twitter yesterday calling her “bitter” and “insecure,” I wanted to give her the opportunity to redeem herself or perhaps apologize. I phrased my question that her comments had caused quite a stir online and asked if she had anything to say about it. She looked at me and told me my question made no sense and when I tried to explain it further she just said “goodnight” and walked off in a huff.

Nicki’s comments yesterday on Twitter show who she really is – a mean girl, a cyber-bully who is just perpetuating the problems of social media. When will society finally take a stand and say ‘Enough!’ with all of the hateful, spiteful things people say about each other? We are more connected than ever online but more willing to hide behind our anonymous avatars and be nasty to people we barely know. As a celebrity, I would hope that Nicki would understand her fans look to her as a role model and she should choose her words more wisely. From what I have seen of her behavior since “Idol” began, I’m not sure she is capable of this. She’s a female rapper who should be proud of her accomplishments as a woman not cutting other women down. The truth is that 20 years from now, Mariah Carey will still be known as one of the best female vocalists of all time. Nicki Minaj – well, I will let you decide that.”

Nicki Minaj caught wind of the blog and then took to twitter to respond:

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Don’t you dare disrespect Nicki because she’ll give it to you lol.