New York Expected To See Extreme Weather Conditions In 2020

I'm sure you've noticed how unpredictable Mother Nature has been lately and now it’s only going to get worse.

The NY Daily News reports that a panel of scientists determined NYC to be in the danger zone for future floods and deadly heat waves.

Mayor Bloomberg hired this panel to study weather patterns since the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The studies show the future filled with extremely strong heat waves and frequent heavy rain.

According to the recent findings, the panel expects these patterns to hit by 2020 if not earlier. With a projected 10% more rainfall expected in the year of 2020, the sea level has risen a foot which leaves NYC at a high flood risk.

Studies also show that in the year 2050, long lasting and deadly heat waves will hit the city. Heat waves are expected to feel as hot as summer days in Birmingham, Alabama.

According to the panel, heat waves will eventually kill more than tornadoes and hurricanes.

Cas Holloway, the Deputy Mayor of Operations believes that high temperatures will also affect the city framework and be pricey.

Mother Nature is madddd…this was inevitable.