Kanye West Disses YouTube And Calls The Player "Ugly”

Kanye West held a listening party for his new album “Yeezus” at the Design Miami/Basel during Art Basel in Switzerland.

Before ‘Ye hit the stage to perform “New Slaves”, he gave a speech about his background in art but explained how he had a lack of confidence in becoming a "great visual artist."

Yeezy also went on say that in the past, the fashion world would not accept hip-hop music but now that’s all changed.

But to top it all off, Kanye talked about how things should be represented to people in an appealing, artistic way artistic and used YouTube as an example of what not to do.

Here’s some of what was said at his speech (via The Daily Beast):

“[I hate YouTube because] the player is so ugly, and it’s presented in such a terrible manner. I want everything I do to be presented in an art context, as this is a form of sonic art. I was an artist originally, I have been in art school since I was 5 years old. I got scholarships to three art schools, Art Institute of Chicago, Saint Xavier, and the American Academy of Art, where I ended up going—and I dropped out because I had an assignment where I was supposed to do an ink painting or something, and I would take two weeks to do it, and when I looked at my work, I just felt that I would never be one of the great visual artists of the world. I just felt like I would end up like—and this is no knock to anybody that does this—but I felt like I would end up working at an ad agency or something like that. I wanted to make something of impact. I found that when I would drop samples, my friends would react to it more. I felt that I had a real talent in chopping and appropriating music."

"I fight in my position of being a very commercial celebrity boyfriend, I fight to push culture forward every chance I get."

“What I want people to understand about sampling and producing is that it’s really similar to—and I know this is obvious what I’m going to say, because I’m a black guy so I’m gonna name the ‘most obvious artist in the world’—Warhol, but it’s very similar to the way Warhol would appropriate a Campbell’s Soup can is the way I would sonically appropriate a Ray Charles sample or a Michael Jackson sample."

“Right now it’s a fight against the separation and constant dumbing-down of culture, and I’m standing in the middle of it. So if you know what people say are my lowest moments, those moments where I sat and saw them try to dumb down culture, and I would not allow it to happen on my clock."

“...But I thought it was so important to get close to the artists who worked so hard on making a usable form of art—like this furniture right here, like everything that is in all these rooms that inspire us so much—and I fight in my position of being a very commercial celebrity boyfriend, I fight to push culture forward every chance I get."

There really are so many layers to Kanye West, I don’t even think Kim K. has gotten to all of them yet.