Scottie Pippen's Victim Says He Never Used The N-Word

(photo via TMZ)

New details have surfaced in the Scottie Pippen Malibu brawl that left a man severely injured.

According to TMZ, the 48-year-old victim says he never called him the n-word or spit on him as the Hall-of-Famer claimed he did.

The victim says he woke up in the hospital with a concussion, fractured ribs, busted lip and chin, a broken tailbone, and possible brain injuries.

"It’s sad to see Scottie is trashing me. I never called him the n-word, and I haven’t done anything to that guy ... What’s the big deal? Taking one picture with a fan."

Currently the victim has no plans to sue at this time.

"I'm not thinking about anything at the moment but getting better."

Hmmm...who do you believe?