New Details Emerge In The Aaron Hernandez Homicide Case [AUDIO]

We discussed the latest details from New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez’s homicide case and if there was any doubt that he didn’t murder 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, then this new compelling evidence might be the final piece to the puzzle.

Before you hit play, there are a few things that have come out about Aaron Hernandez and the circumstances surrounding this case:

  1. Police believe that Hernandez may have killed Lloyd because Lloyd was planning to tell authorities about a double murder Hernandez was involved in last year.
  2. Police are on the hunt for 41-year-old Ernest Wallace who was one of the two men inside the car with Hernandez when Lloyd was killed. Wallace is wanted as an accessory in the murder and the other man, Carlos Ortiz, is already in custody.
  3. Police found boxes of .45 caliber ammunition, the same used in the murder.
  4. A judge denied Hernandez bail.
  5. Photos have surfaced of Hernandez throwing up gang signs back in 2007, when he was 17-years-old and a senior at Bristol Central High. Aaron was reportedly a member of the Bristol Bloods street gang.

People questioned Hernandez’s gang affiliation but now the evidence is clear. TMZ posted the photos and shows the “blood” tattoo Hernandez has on his hand:

enter image description here

We live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty but unfortunately, the evidence is mounting against Hernandez. Such a shame…he was a beast on the field.