E.S.P.JEN: Florida Gators Linebacker Arrested For Barking At Police Dog

Starting linebacker for the Florida Gators (NCAAF) Antonio Morrison, was arrested two times in five weeks and is now facing a two-game suspension.

The first time he was arrested was on June 16th, for punching a nightclub bouncer in the face -- his reason was because the bouncer did not reduce his entrance fee.

This time around, he was arrested in Alachua County for barking at a police dog and allegedly "resisting" arrest.

It seems like there's holes in this story, because I never heard of barking as a crime?!

When Morrison was questioned about why would he barked at the dog, he responded "he barked at me first."

Yes, this is all real...and yes this is why he was brought in.

As far as resisting an arrest, when the officer tried to put him in cuffs he just responded and said "No."

As far as when he returns after his suspension is over, it seems like the coaching staff will let him start again. However, he is on thin ice in Gator County -- two arrest in five weeks does not look good for any sports program.