Meet Anthony Weiner's Latest Sexting Partner [PHOTOS]

(photos via TMZ)

Anthony Weiner, candidate for NYC mayor position, is in the news again but not for his political views but rather his personal matters.

His latest sexting partner, 23 year old Sydney Elaine Leathers has been revealed.

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Leathers' sexy pics have been seen by more than just the intended recipient, Anthony Weiner. Weiner doesn't deny the sexting but said he sexted her after his resignation from Congress in 2011.

Leathers says Weiner took it a bit farther than sexting by wanting to talk on the phone, specifically about his sex dreams in which she starred in.

Weiner also supposedly has a foot fetish and liked receiving pictures of Leathers in her heels and received a total of 30 naughty pictures!

enter image description here enter image description here

Weiner now claims his sexting days are behind him and he looks forward to moving on with his mayoral campaign.

Can we trust him to run NYC?