Twerk Chronicles: Nicki Minaj, One Direction's Harry Styles + Woman Twerks For A Class Project? [VIDEO]

Twerking has swept the nation!

From Nicki Minaj, to Harry Styles of pop group One Direction, and even a student demonstrating it for a project in class.

Nicki posted a photo on her Instagram before she hopped on her plane. Nicki is posted on top of her Maybach parked in front of a G4 in a twerking position while wearing her socks.

enter image description here

Then last night at the Teen Choice Awards on Fox, Harry Styles showed off his twerking skills while Glee star, Darren Criss, beat boxed.

enter image description here

Last but definitely not least, a student apparently twerked in class as a part of her Physics assignment!

The story isn’t crystal clear but there is video of a student twerking in a classroom while the teacher seems to be in the back dancing along. It’s being said that it probably wasn’t his own actual student but a student nonetheless.

In the presentation, the woman is twerking to “Who Let The Dogs Out” and it gets even more ratchet when the student has her bare behind showing, sporting tattoos of a dog on each cheek.

This is what the world has come to.