Wale Says "I'm The Best Rapper" In Response To Kendrick Lamar's Verse [VIDEO]

The hip hop community is still a blaze after Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control."

So far various artists have struck back with songs and responses of their own, including Wale.

When TMZ asked Wale about K.Dot, Wale said he wasn't offended at all but...:

Wale also spoke about the matter in this month's issue of Rolling Out:

"I thank him for mentioning me in that category. I may have felt a certain way if he didn’t mention me. He mentioned the rapper [Drake] who is going to sell the most records this year, and he mentioned the rapper who has sold the most records thus far in 2013. I think I’m in good company."

And continued on by saying, "But I always feel that I’m the best rapper. There are a lot of rappers who have done it for a long time who will tell you that I’m their favorite rapper. In this day and age, the hate is 10 times louder than the love. If someone says, ‘F– you’ it’s a scream. But if they say, ‘You’re the greatest’ it’s a whisper.”

Kendrick woke everyone up and there are more responses to come, we can be sure of that.