Riff Raff Sends A Cease + Desist Letter To Take Masturbation Pics Down!

Riff Raff doesn’t play when it comes to pics of him intimately dealing with himself being exposed.

He had his team of lawyers send out a cease and desist letter to The Dirty.com who have posted the pictures of him allegedly masturbating in front of a hairstylist who was taken aback.

She was prepared to do his hair, not awkwardly snap these pics of what she says is his “uncircumcised penis” before she ran out of the room.

Riff Raff is livid and says the story is B.S. and by TheDirty.com posting those pics they’re ruining his reputation.

Riff Raff also says if the site doesn’t take the pics down he’ll definitely be suing them.

The photos are NSFW.