Beyonce Causes A 90 Minute Nightmare For A Woman On The Wonder Wheel In Coney Island [PHOTOS]

Imagine being afraid of heights and stuck in a Coney Island ride 150 feet in the air all because of Beyonce.

According to the NYDN, that’s exactly what happened to Dorris Hone, 47, who was on the famous Wonder Wheel.

“When I was realized I was stuck up there, we were up there for a while, I started freaking out,” Hone said. “I’m afraid of heights. I was horrified.”

Beyonce was reportedly filming a video and was at Coney Island for hours, seen enjoying other rides, including the Cyclone roller coaster.

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The staff let 6 to 10 other people off the Wonder Wheel as Beyonce arrived, but Debra Hone wasn’t one of them.

“I just didn’t understand why they would do that,” Hone said. “I didn’t know at first — but it was Beyoncé.”

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As Bey got her makeup prepped, Hone’s started panicking as her fear of heights escalated.

Hone’s friend said, “She was screaming at the top of her lungs, ‘Get me off this ride.’ ”

“She was just hysterical up there.”

With the Queen Bey being around everyone heard her screaming fans rather than Hone’s screams.

When Hone finally came out the ride she realized the delay was because of Beyonce.

“Ironically, my son is a big fan of Beyoncé,” said Hone “I’m just really shaken up. It would be nice to get an apology from her.”

Knowing Beyonce, she might just a get a sweet apology from the superstar!