MOMENTS IN HIP HOP (SEPT 13TH) -- Tupac, Biggie's Ready To Die + Kanye West's Bumrushes Taylor Swift [VIDEO]

Many memorable moments happened in hip hop today on September 13th.

Nineteen years ago, in 1994, the Notorious B.I.G. dropped his classic Ready To Die album. The LP is considered one of the top 5 best albums in hip hop history.

Take it back and reminisce on the good old days with these tracks:

Then in 1997, hip hop lost a legend. Tupac Shakur has left us with memorable hits and his lyricism is something no one has matched to this day.

Let the nostalgia take over and enjoy some of his hits:

Last but never least, 4 years ago Kanye West put himself out in the spotlight and created one of the best TV moments in history by interrupting Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the VMAs.

If you forgot, which I'm sure you can't, refresh your memory:

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