Gunman Involved In The Washington Navy Yard Shooting Has Been Identifed

Sources state gunman responsible for the shooting in the Washington Navy Yard this past Monday has been identified as Aaron Alexis.

Alexis fired off shots in a very confined area striking 12 people. They say this wasn't his first time using a firearm,and that he had anger management issues, and was very short tempered.

Prior to shooting, sources say Alexis had worked as an electrician's mate at a naval air station in Fort Worth, Texas. He was discharged from the service after his poor behavior. After leaving the service Aaron migrated to the North East to the Washington Navy Yard campus where he worked as a defense contractor. This is where the gunman gained access to the navy yard. The gunman was found dead with an assault rifle,shotgun, and a pistol on him. Eight of the twelve people have been identified ranging from ages 43 to 70.

The story is still unfolding but they say he was a Queens, New York native.