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Nicki Minaj has woken a lot of fellas up with her new song 'Lookin A*s N*gga'. In fact her song is ringing off in these streets all crazy, and could be a new girl anthem. However, the art work that Nicki put out with the song offended some people. The image is a photo of Malcolm X holding up a gun. Now Nicki reenacts the same image in the actual video, so we're sure there was no malice behind it. She removed the photo and posted this apology.

"What seems to be the issue now? Do you have a problem with me referring to the people Malcolm X was ready to pull his gun out on as Lookin Ass Niggaz? Well, I apologize. That was never the official artwork nor is this an official single. This is a conversation. Not a single. I am in the video shooting at Lookin Ass Niggaz and there happened to be an iconic photo of Malcolm X ready to do the same thing for what he believed in!!!! It is in no way to undermine his efforts and legacy. I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued. The word "nigga" causes so much debate in our community while the "nigga" behavior gets praised and worship. Let's not. Apologies again to his family. I have nothing but respect an adoration for u. The photo was removed hours ago. Thank you"

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This see hundred percent sincere and we love the song!

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