Mary J. Blige's Father Is In Critical Condition After A Brutal Stabbing By His Former Girlfriend

Mary J.Blige is going through a tough time right now. Her dad who she is very close with is in critical condition in Michigan after a stabbing yesterday. Thomas Blige, Mary’s father was stabbed by Cheryl Ann White who appears to be Mr. Blige’s former girlfriend. White was arrested on the scene and is now facing both assault with intent of murder chargers.

We don’t have all the details but we do know the stabbing took place after he realized he his former girlfriend spliced the tires of his car. Michael Thomas who’s Blige’s roommate said he found him on the kitchen floor “bleeding profusely” from his neck, side and arm. Thomas said "I had to grab towels and cover the wounds the best I could until the rescue came.”

This sounds tragic! Our thoughts and prayers are with the Blige family.