Chris Brown Hits D.C With His Lady Karrueche By His Side

Chris Brown arrived in D.C. yesterday with his lady Karrueche by his side. Do you guys remember when Chris allegedly punched that 20 year old guy in the face back in October for jumping in a photo? Well he’s facing misdemeanor assault charges, but if he’s found guilty things could really go sour for Brown. In fact Brown will be fined $1,000 and have to serve 180 days in jail.

It has just been confirmed that this case will go to trial because Chris and his lawyer were given a plea deal; however, they rejected it because they’re claiming they aren’t guilty. and there is recordings of what happened. According to the police reports Chris said “I’m not down with that gay ish. I feel like boxing.” The victim is also claiming Chris Brown and his body guard broke his nose.

Chris seems to have gone under the radar and is currently in rehab, but is set to appear back in court February 10th. We wish the best for him!