Mona Scott Young Is Being Sued For $50 Million! Find Out Why Inside!

Mona Scott Young has been collecting checks left and right, but rumor has it that two women are trying to take some of the money out of her pockets. We’re hearing the women of ‘8th Wonder Entertainment’, Nicki Lum-Davvis and Trisha Lum are suing Mona. If you ask us, we think they waited too long to go after this money. However, these ladies want $50 million for stealing their concept for ‘Love and Hip Hop’ saying they pitched their idea to Mona’s production company earlier on. They argued there was only a difference in names, in which their name for the show was called ‘Hip Hop Wives’. They hit a roadblock because they didn’t want to seem like they were competing with VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’. VH1, MTV, and Viacom have also been included in the law suit.

We get the feeling there’s no stopping Mona!