Lamar Odom's Drug Dealer Breaks Into Khloe Kardashian's House & Steals A Quarter Million Dollars Worth Of Jewelry

Khloe Kardashian might have to re-evaluate her circle of trust. Khloe stopped by her house with her mom Kris Jenner to pick up some last minute items from the residence she shared with Lamar Odom. While at the house they discovered that Khloe had been robbed for over a quarter million dollars worth of jewelry. Reports are saying it wasn't a forced job which leads Khloe to believe it was an inside job. She also wants to have everyone who has access to her house take a lie detector test.Check out what she tweeted:

"Thieves.... Someone's about to have some bad Karma coming their way. And that bitch NEVER forgets!!!!,"

We aren't sure, but we're hearing Lamar owes his drug dealer over $40,000 in money. Khloe doesn't think Lamar has much to do with it because he's overseas in Spain playing basketball. We agree she should just let karma deal with the crooks.