LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Tells His Mixed Girlfriend To Not Bring Black People To His Games! Where They Do That At? [AUDIO]

It's unfortunate but racism is still alive! L.A Clippers owner Donald Sterling had a conversation with his girlfriend V.Stiviano who's half black/half Mexican about how he doesn't want her bringing black people to his games. He also was heated that she had a photo of Magic Johnson on his instagram and asked her to delete it.

This just doesn't make sense considering there's black players who play for his team. Oh, and as i mentioned before his girlfriend is damn near black.

How do you think the L.A Clippers team should respond to this? During yesterday's game, they wore their jerseys inside out with black bands.

What should the fans do? What should the Clippers players do? What should other players do?

Listen to the audio below.

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