Jay Z Will Be Kanye's Best Man At His Wedding! However The Carter's REFUSE To Be On Keeping Up W/The Kardashians!

It's official, the Carters will be at Kimye's wedding, and guess what role Jay Z's will be playing? That's right, Kanye's best man!

Rumor has it that The Carter's initially denied Kim & Kanye's wedding invite because the wedding was suppose to be televised. However, we're now hearing that Vogue Magazine will get photos from the ceremony along with the opportunity to do a write up on their big day.

Jay sent Kanye a gold plated , diamond encrusted "bling bling" flask which came with a $10,000 bottle of scotch. This was his way of accepting Kanye's offer as best man.

We're sure this will be a memorable day, you know Kimye does it big!