DMX's Wife Is Barking Until He Cashs Out! She's Coming For That Check In A Different Way!

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX is going to have to work extra hard these days in order to keep his pockets filled. Reports claim ex-wife Tashera Simmons will now have his wages garnished. Damn!

Tashera Simmons will be pulling $15,000 per month out of X's checks from Universal Music Publishing ... All of this is based off of income withholding docs filed in New York state. The docs state that $10,000 is earmarked for child support for the former couple's four kids, and another $5,000 goes toward "other." The other stuff will get you every time. We're guessing this is for spousal support.

Earlier this year, X managed to dodge a serious foreclosure situation in New York. DMX may be whacked out most of the time,but he's still crafty enough to beat the bank in the foreclosure game. Mr. X has a house in Mt. Kisco NY that is worth just $1 million. The problem is he's falling behind on his mortgage. We're hearing he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars, so the bank initiated a foreclosure action. Damn we guess he wasn't trying to cash out on her. In fact he hasn't spent anything on his property since 2008. He currently owes $258,927. We home he gets it together soon!