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Get Acquainted : Mreeuh Chang (Art Edition)

Name ?

"Mreeuh Chang"

What inspires you ?

"Music, life science, social class conflict theory, ancient metaphysics, sex and crime."

What is your favorite piece of work and why?

"As of right now, "Thinking About Thinking" is my favorite piece because I tend to get overwhelmed with ideas, revelations and observations to the point I live deeply in my own head and feel isolated from other people. Making that piece was a way of channeling that weight into something beautiful and relatable." enter image description here

What does the hip hop culture and its elements mean to you?

"The 'hip-hop culture' is not monolithic anymore, if it ever was. I can go from Jay Electronica to Future to Big L to obscure bars over bedroom-made techno dance to old trap mixtapes that never made it outside Atlanta in one sitting. Sometimes I want lemon water. Sometimes I want whiskey. Hip-hop is the most influential, controversial, commodified genre because it encompasses so many elements and represents so many facets of the human experience. Hip-hop is the most intelligent form of music, period. No other genre is as nuanced. No other genre breeds geopolitical allegiances. No other genre responds to the collective consciousness of people as deeply, nor do people respond to any other genre as deeply. Playing instruments and reading sheet music isn't as physically or psychologically demanding. To be a rapper, lyricist, emcee or whatever you want to call it, your mind and mouth is your instrument. There is so many factors simultaneously involved, from being able to produce content that widely resonates with people, demonstrating wit, orating it to a rhythm, arranging it in rhyme, mastering your breath control, memorization...then you deal with its industry and general public, which is mostly composed of people who do not understand it. The rappers I like have the insights of a writer, drive of a hustler, sensitivities of an activist, etc. They're a very rare breed of people, nothing short of genius. Although most rappers you hear aren't as intelligent as the art form itself, an unequipped practitioner does not compromise the value of the actual practice."

How does hip hop influence you as an artist?

"I'm not intelligent or gangsta enough to be a rapper so instead I settled for whatever you'd call whatever I'm doing now."

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Twitter: @Mreeuh

Instagram: @Mreeuh

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