Who's Next Showcase : Mack Wilds Rocks The SOBs Stage [VIDEO]

As 9:30 pm approached, SOBs filled up with excited fans and Who's Next supporters ready to hear what each talent had to offer.

First to grace the stage, the very sensuous, Kali Uchis, drew the crowd in with her unique voice and Cali inspired fashion sense.

Beano was next up to bat with his phenomenal band and impeccable voice. Beano brought up Who's Next Alum, Chillmoody, to rock the stage.

Sebastian Mikael and his Brooklyn representing band, built more momentum before the arrival of Mack Wilds.

Mack Wilds had the crowd rocking when he performed songs off recent album 'New York: A Love Story'. Of course Wilds had to bring a fellow Staten Island native, Raekwon The Chef, to spit a couple bars.

Check out more from the show in the video below.