World’s Fair Had Who’s Next Live Lit! Check It Out [VIDEO]

Everyone was in the building last night for another epic sold out Who’s Next Live event at S.O.B.’s. People have been taking shots at New York hip-hop over the past few weeks, so the acts made it their mission to put on for the city.

The show opened with The Incomparable Shakespeare who set the tone with that classic lyricism we know and love him for. Next G4SHI turned up for his African/Albanian massive and had the crowd on tilt. Vibes heightened when Rat King popped up bringing his gritty alternative sound and the abstract visuals to match. By the time World’s Fair hit the stage with their special guest Bodega Bamz the crowd was lit!

Each artist brought a completely different sound showing the diversity within hip-hop and, more specifically, New York sound. If you missed it check out the video below and stay tuned for our December show line-up announcement on Monday.