Black Dave- “Take It Back” [VIDEO]

Living up to his moniker as “The Black Bart Simpson,” Black Dave takes us on a day-in-the-life account of New York skate culture in “Take It Back.” Co-directing the clip with Jason Ano, the South Bronx native starts off spitting his rhymes in front of the infamous “Crack Is Wack” mural and continues this early 90’s era feel throughout the rest of the video. As a special treat, Dave commissioned Peter Bici and Leo Fitzpatrick from the 1995 classic film KIDS to make his visuals complete.

“… having Peter Bici and Leo Fitzpatrick who were actors in the original film KIDS that had a profound effect on my life and many other kids, and I just wanted to recapture that story and share it."   - Black Dave

Be sure to get Dave’s Black Bart project on September 17.