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What Else Are We Voting For On Election Day?

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Who else are we voting for Nov 8?

On November 8, citizens of the United States will be heading to the ballot box to choose who will be the next President of the United States.

Whether you choose Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, or as we discussed last week, one of the other candidates, there will indeed be other important choices to make on the ballot.

Depending on where you live there may be some local elections that could effect policies in your own city. There are also Senate and House of Representative races that can determine some of the laws that are passed in the next four years.

It’s important to be informed of these races, as they can potentially make as much or more of a difference in the direction this country goes in at least the next four years.

Below you can find out the races, and click on the link to get some information on their policies of the other races that you may see in your ballot on Tuesday.

New York Races:


Democrat: Chuck Schumer - Has been representing New York in Senate since 1998. He is currently serving his third term – For Details

Republican: Attorney Wendy Long – For Details

Libertarian: Activist Alex Merced - For Details

Green Party: Artist and activist Robin Laverne Wilson - For Details

House of Representatives

3rd District (Part of Queens)

Democrat: Former Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi - For Details

Republican: State Sen. Jack Martins - For Details

Libertarian: Michael McDermott - For Details

5th District (Part of Queens)

Democrat: Incumbent Gregory Meeks - For Details

Republican: Marine Corp veteran and attorney Michael O'Reilly - For Details

Green Party: Frank Francois - For Details

6th District (Part of Queens)

Democrat: Incumbent Grace Meng - For Details

Republican: Danniel Maio - For Details

7th District (Parts of Brooklyn, Queens and lower Manhattan)

Democrat: Incumbent Nydia Velazquez - For Details

Republican: Allan Romaguera - For Details

8th District (Parts of Brooklyn and Queens)

Democrat: Incumbent Hakeem Jeffries - For Details

Conservative party: Daniel Cavanagh - For Details

9th District (Parts of Brooklyn)

Democrat: Incumbent Yvette Clarke - For Details

Conservative Party: Alan Bellone - For Details

10th District (Parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn)

Democrat: Incumbent Jerrold Nadler - For Details

Republican: Lawyer and entrepreneur Philip Rosenthal - For Details

11th District (Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn)

Democrat: Richard Reichard, former Human Resources Director at the NYC Department of Finance - For Details

Republican: Incumbent Daniel Donovan - For Details

Green Party: Henry Bardel, a former supervisor at the NYC Parks and Recreation - For Details

12th District (Parts of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn)

Democrat: Incumbent Carolyn Maloney - For Details

Republican: Businessman Robert Ardini - For Details

13th District (Parts of upper Manhattan and the Bronx)

Democrat: State Sen. Adriano Espaillat - For Details

Republican: Attorney Tony Evans - For Details

Green Party: Community activist Daniel Vila Rivera - For Details

Transparency Party: Attorney and Air Force veteran Scott Lloyd Fenstermaker - For Details

14th District (Part of the Bronx and Queens)

Democrat: Incumbent Joseph Crowley - For Details

Republican: Businessman Frank Spotorno - For Details

15th District (Part of the Bronx)

Democrat: Incumbent Jose Serrano - For Details

Republican: Alejandro Vega - For Details

Third Party: Eduardo Ramirez - For Details

16th District (Part of the Bronx)

Democrat: Incumbent Eliot Engel - For Details

Independent: Banking executive Derickson Lawrence - For Details

New Jersey Races:

House of Representatives

District 1

Democrat: Incumbant Donald Norcross - For Details

Republican: Bob Patterson - For Details

Libertarian: Bill Sihr - For Details

American Independents Party - Michael Berman

We Deserve Better - Scot John Tomaszewski - For Details

District 2

Democrat: David Cole - For Details

Republican: Incumbent Frank LoBiondo - For Details

Libertarian: John Ordille - For Details

Peoples Independent Progressive - Eric Beechwood - For Details

Representing the 99% Party - Steven Fenichel - For Details

For Political Revolution - Gabriel Brian Franco - For Details

Make Government Work - James Keenan - For Details

District 3

Democrat: Frederick John Lavergne - For Details

Republican: Incumbent Tom McArthur - For Details

Constitution Party: Lawrence Berlinski Jr. - For Details

District 4

Democrat: Lorna Phillipson - For Details

Republican: Incumbent Chris Smith - For Details

Libritarian: Jeremy Marcus - For Details

Economic Growth: - Hank Schroeder - For Details

District 5

Democrat: Josh Gottheimer - For Details

Republican: Incumbent Scott Garrett - For Details

Libertarian: Claudio Belusic

District 6

Democrat: Incumbent Frank Pallone - For Details

Republican: Brent Sonnk-Schmelz - For Details

Libritarian: Judi Shamy - For Details

Green Party: Rajit Malliah

District 7

Democrat: Peter Jacob - For Details

Republican: Incumbent Leonard Lance - For Details

Libertarian: Dan O’Neill - For Details

Conservative: Arthur Haussmann Jr.

District 8

Democrat: Incumbent Albio Sires - For Details

Republican:  Agha Khan - For Details

Libertarian: Dan Delaney - For Details

Wake Up America: Pablo Olivera

District 9

Democrat: Incumbent Bill Pascrell - For Details

Republican: Hector Castillo

Libertarian: Diego Rivera - For Details

NSA did 911 Party - Jeff Boss

District 10

Democrat: Incumbent Donald Payne Jr. - For Details

Republican: David Pickney

New Beginnings: - Aaron Walter Fraser - For Details

Women of Power: Joanne Miller - For Details

District 11

Democrat: Joseph Wenzel - For Details

Republican: Incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen- For Details

Libritarian: Jeff Hetrick - For Details

Financial Independence: - Thomas DePasquale - For Details

District 12

Democrat: Incumbent Bonnie Watson Coleman - For Details

Republican: Steven Uccio - For Details

Libertarian: Thomas Fitzpatrick

Green Party: Steven Welzer - For Details

We the People: - Michael Bollentin - For Details

Legalize Marijuana: Edward Forchion - For Details

Teddy Roosevelt Progressive: Robert Shapiro - For Details

Statewide questions:

Public Question 1: Casino Expansion Amendment

Permits casino gambling in two additional counties in this State? At present, casino gambling is allowed only in Atlantic City in Atlantic County. Only one casino in each of the two counties would be permitted. Each casino is to be located in a town that is at least 72 miles from Atlantic City. The amendment would allow certain persons to apply first for a casino license.

Public Question 2: Gas Tax Dedicated to Transportation Funding Amendment

Provides that an additional three cents of the current motor fuels tax on diesel fuel, which is not dedicated for transportation purposes, be dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund. In doing so, the entire State tax on diesel fuel would be used for transportation purposes. The entire State tax on gasoline is currently dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund and used for transportation purposes. The amendment would also provide that all of the revenue from the current State tax on petroleum products gross receipts be dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund. In doing so, the entire State tax on petroleum products gross receipts would be used for transportation purposes. This amendment does not change the current tax on motor fuels or petroleum products gross receipts.