Established in February 2016, the Ed Sullivan Fellows Program launched as a music production

and industry mentorship program for young people at the Music Experience Design Lab at NYU.

Participants and mentors meet every Saturday at NYU Steinhardt to make music, build

community, and learn industry skills. Our pilot culminated in two youth-driven performances and

an interactive recording workshop during the NYU IMPACT Conference.

Since our inception, we have evolved our mentorship approach to address the needs of each of our

young people as creators of content, culture, and community. We build on a foundation of

socioemotional mentorship to develop artist identity and branding. In so doing, we activate the

expertise in our community to facilitate mutual mentorship and develop relevant skills in:

Through collaborations with NYU students and faculty in music business, education, and

technology, we facilitate creative exchange and intentionally build community across boundaries

of race, neighborhood of origin, socioeconomic status, and gender identity.

To advance this work, we support our NYU community in unlearning unconscious biases and how

they may manifest in artistic practice. We ground our work in the creation of mutually beneficial

contexts, through centering the needs and values of our constituents.


Program Model Visiualization

Current outcomes

● Fellows report increased capacity to achieve their creative and professional goals.

● Fellows report back opportunities that opened up for them as a result of

participation in the ESF Community.

● Fellows report increased personal and creative confidence as a result of their

participation in the ESF Community.


Vision Outcomes

● Fellows are musical leaders in their communities, organizing, programming and

performing in showcases and other collaborative events with aligned community

organizations and local venues.

● Fellows partner with professional artists in creating content around shared values,

and report increased insight into how professional artists work and how these

practices can benefit their own practice as emerging professionals

● Fellows collaborate with NYU music education alumni to implement culturally

responsive music teaching practices in their work, and to foster positive

relationships with students of similar cultural backgrounds