Mayor Bill DeBlasio Speaks To Ebro in the Morning

Mayor Bill DeBlasio Shares Latest Updates On COVID-19, Curfew, Cuomo & Next Steps

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio called into Ebro in the Morning to share the latest facts and fictions on COVID-19.

During the conversation, he addressed some of the biggest questions as New Yorkers adjust to a temporary life of quarantine as the Coronavirus continues to spread.

His decision to close down schools was one of his biggest decisions, and he addressed what parents and students should be expecting.

“Help our educators by working with the children in their life by figuring out how to be effective with online learning,” he said. “We want children to keep learning. We are saying we are coming back April 20, we are saying we want to come back April 20, but we could easily move the whole school year.”

DeBlasio also addressed how people should interact with each other during this time.

“We have to do the social distance,” he said. “If you have no choice stay three-to-six feet from people as much as you humanly can. Wash your hands. If you can stay home, stay home if you can.”

He also addressed rumors of a curfew, rent & utilities including rent and utility freezes, unemployment, and more.

Call 311 for more information or text COVID to 692692. You can also visit NYC’s official website for the latest details.

Watch below.


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