May 17, 2018

1995: The Year That Changed the Culture

Summer Jam
1995: The Year That Changed the Culture

Every decade has a year (or two or three) that defines it for generations to come and pivots the culture — for better or worse. 2Pac dropped Me Against the World; Coolio became a household name; Bill Gates made history; and Amazon sold its first book online. 1995 epitomized the phrase, “a change is comin’.”

To recognize and celebrate a year that elevated hip-hop and the change in the culture, Hot 97 brought together some of ’95’s hottest crooners and rhyme slingers together for one day only. 

The line-up included Brandy, Soul 4 Real, Naughty By Nature, Blackstreet, Shabba Ranks, Method Man, and The Notorious B.I.G. — and they didn’t disappoint. But the artists and their music wouldn’t exist without the culture to inspire it all. 

1995 was was game changing. So take a look at some of 1995’s most defining moments.